12 September 2011

Dramatic Designs for Hallways

I've been obsessing over hallways and foyers lately. My own are BORING! They are pale, colorless and uninspiring places to pass through (as quickly as you can) on the way to another room.  Are your hallways boring too?  If so, check out these dramatic hallway designs. From the dramatic contrast of black and white, to colorful fabrics, to more sedate and tranquil designs, there are lots of things one can do to obliterate a case of hallway blahs. I hope these pictures might inspire you to make the changes needed in turning your own hallways from drab to fab! 
Decor pad.com
Petrella Designs

      Why not use draperies to add a dash of drama and style?

Seldom Scene Interiors
Diamond Baratta Design

or a photo gallery?

Of course, a fabulous chandelier does wonders for a space!

I love how simple this design is by Diamond Baratta. The colorful blue carpet with its circular scribble pattern expertly leads the eye down the hallway; echoed by  the geometric progression of doorways and chandeliers down the hall. 

This beautiful open hallway is formed by the columns and the barrel vault ceiling leading the eye to the beautiful double glass entry doors.  Gorgeous!

This hallway exudes charm and comfort galore!  Tres chic!

Talk about charm!  Suzanne Kasler put plenty of that in this lakeside design.

Brilliant!  If you have the space make the hallway functional with bookshelves!  I love how the striped rug lengthens the hall while the circular chandeliers visually push out the walls.

I'm thinking fat painted stripes in coral would jazz up my hallway...I guess I better buy more paint!

Hope your day is terrific!

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  1. the books, the stripes,the herringbone, the draperies... I LOVE it all. You know the way to a design lover's heart Millie